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Submit your plans BEFORE beginning building.  (SEE DISCLAIMER at bottom.)   As a land owner in Rustic Hills, your legally binding covenants require you to submit plans to the RHIA Architectural and Protective Covenants Committee before building ANY STRUCTURE:  dwelling, outbuilding, wall, fence, etc.   The Committee generally approves or disapproves plans within 30 days.
*** Disclaimer:  Nothing on this page constitutes legal advice.  Do not rely on this representation.  Read the documents and consult with your own attorney. ***
Plans for buildings must also go to the Regional Building Department, where they are expected to meet Regional Building Codes.  Regional approval alone is not sufficient.  Our Covenants require that you also get architectural approval from the RHIA. Changes or modifications to an existing building or structure require approval as well.  If it has a foundation (mailbox, flagpole, etc.), get RHIA approval. If in doubt, ask RHIA first and get the answer in writing.  Contact us:
By Mail:  RHIA, P.O. Box 75074, Colorado Springs, CO 80970 By E-mail:
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