Click HERE to View our NEW Covenants!
Click HERE to View our NEW Covenants!
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Yes, we know they are 50 years old but they apply nonetheless.    An attempt to modernize the Covenants was made a few years ago by the RHIA Board.  While this effort did receive majority support, it did not reach the required number of affirmative votes needed to pass in each subdivision, so our 50 - year - old Covenants DID NOT GET CHANGED. To read the unapproved materials, acknowledging that they are NOT IN EFFECT ANYWHERE, click here.
Yes, the Covenants DO apply to you.  (see disclaimer at bottom of page)   Each of the 205 lots in Rustic Hills Acres is subject to legally binding Protective Covenants that “run with the land.”  If you own land here, the Covenants apply to you.  This helps to protect everyone’s property values.  Click here to see all Governing Documents.   Three different sets of covenants, depending on where you live. Separate (but mostly similar) Covenants apply, respectively, to Filing #1 (the two-acre lots on or west of Payton Circle) and the one-acre lots in Filing 2 (Number 1 and Number 2).  To read the full Covenants, click here.   The RHIA Covenants in a nutshell***. Boiled down to their bare essence, they are: 1. Residential land use only and maximum dwelling size;  2. Get RHIA approval BEFORE building;  3. No cheap or small dwellings;  4. Minimum setbacks from property lines;  5. No lot subdivision;  6.Easement for bridal paths (not in Filing 1) and utilities;  7. No noxious or offensive activity;  8. Reside only in permanent dwelling;  9. No signs except For Sale or For Rent;  10. No oil drilling or other mineral extraction;  11. Domestic pets only, not commercial;  12. Rubbish in sanitary containers only;  13. Do not obstruct visibility at intersections; and 14. Get RHIA approval before cutting down trees.   Code Enforcement.  Many typical neighborhood complaints are not Covenant issues but instead involve violations of Colorado Springs City Code.  Code Enforcement can be contacted to address such matters.  Contact Code Enforcement or call (719) 444-7891.   *** Disclaimer:   Nothing on this page constitutes legal advice.  Do not rely on this representation.  Read the documents and consult with your own attorney. ***
Association Governing Docs Association Governing Docs
Nestled in the hills with space to live your lives, including horse and walking trails, in a friendly country-western setting - Welcome to Rustic Hills Acres
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