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Web Critiques, Design, Graphics, & Maintenance
Get your site the attention it deserves
Make your site POP with graphics, aesthetics, & FUN 
Enhance your current advertising program online
InterGalactic Advertising Your Route to Get Known!
Would you like your site to look more professional, colorful, strong, lively, or persuasive? Get one of our light, moderate, or extensive Web Critiques.  You can tell us how easy or tough you want it to be, how thorough, or how in-depth.  You will wind up with suggestions to make your site more powerful for your purposes and tips to get more out of it.  We will point out glitches, typos, grammar problems, dead links, dead rodents - whatever we find.  That is, unless it's already stellar. Or have us put together the whole site & provide maintenance to keep it current & polished. Consider the value of graphics to make a page more interesting.  They can include photos, headings, buttons, bullets, dividers, backgrounds, photos, maps, drawings, logos, & other visual enhancements.
Why use a web site?  Cover as little or as much as is needed for your uses.  Simplify other advertising by referring to your site.  Display your goods (or pictures of services).  Make ordering, scheduling, and feedback very accessible.  Gather information from viewers.  Give useful or interesting history.  Show viewers photos of your building, staff, map location, etc.  Publish a newsletter to develop new customers, to keep potential customers returning, or to educate and inspire your internal team. 
Contact us for a critique on your existing site or to design a site - and don't forget the graphics!
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